About Us

“Hi, my name is Raghuvir Nayak, Aka Raymond and I am an Alcohol/Addiction recovery coach, Transformation/life coach, Dmit Counselor Motivational Speaker. I help individuals struggling with alcohol/other addictions find their path to sobriety and long-term recovery. With my support and guidance, my clients are able to overcome challenges, navigate triggers, and build healthier habits to lead a fulfilling and sober life. I offer personalized coaching sessions, where we work together to create a customized recovery plan and provide ongoing accountability to ensure success. If you or someone you know is looking for a trusted partner on their journey to sobriety, I’m here to help. Let’s break free from alcohol/other addictions and embrace a brighter, healthier future together.”

Our Mission

Transform the lives of 1 million addicts by 14 august 2024 by transforming them Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Financially through our Transformation & Recovery Coaching Centres, Seminar’s, Workshops, Books, Audio Programmes, Radio and Social Media.

Our Vision

A world full of transformed and recovered addicts living Happy, Healthy and Successful lives for themselves and for others.

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