What is DMIT?

DMIT – Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test reflects our Abilities and Skills. Fingerprints have a direct connection with our brain. It has an unbelievably high accuracy as certified by the International Behavioral & Biometric Society. (IBMB International)

Psychologists have accepted that human beings have nine types of inborn Multiple Intelligences. These multiple intelligences reflect individual characteristics, learning styles and in-built potential.

After years of Research and Development by renowned Psychologists and Neurologists, the concept of DMIT has been approved and accepted worldwide. This concept of DMIT, which has benefitted lakhs of parents to “KNOW” their child, is now available in India.

We give below a synopsis of DMIT and how it can help children. We will appreciate it if you can please spare some valuable time of yours to go through the contents.

Did you know?

  • The patterns of the Fingerprints do not change and is the absolute way to find the inborn talent of you and your child
  • Every child is unique and born a Genius
  • Every child has 9-types of Intelligence skills
  • Your child could be a Left Brain thinker or Right Brain thinker

How does it help you?

DMIT helps you to find out:

  • Yours child’s inborn Intelligence and Potential
  • Your child’s learning speed and pattern
  • Whether your child logical or creative
  • How your child memorizes information
  • Your child’s areas of interest or activities
  • Which career your child is likely to excel in
  • Your child’s Personality type

Besides, please find a Pdf presentation on DMIT, for your kind perusal.

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